Philtrum Piercing: The Complete Experience Guide

Philtrum Piercing: The Complete Experience Guide

What Is a Philtrum Piercing?

If you don’t mind a ‘more is more’ approach to styling yourself, then Philtrum piercing is for you. Philtrum piercing, which is also referred to as Medusa piercing, is essentially done on the upper lip. Where precisely on the upper lip? Right under the septum of the nose. Generally, a labret stud is used for this piercing which stays there on the lip as an adornment, after the procedure has been done.

Irrespective of whether you are familiar with the world of piercing or are just rolling up your sleeves for your first piercing encounter, philtrum piercing can invariably be your coolest piercing adventure. After all, this is the newest piercing trend, making the youth go crazy.

This piercing style looks so appealing that it has easily become one of the most requested piercings out there. Trust us, this is just perfect for you if you want to express yourself in a unique way that oozes out oodles of style.

Every time a particular piercing style trends, we sit wondering what exactly it is that makes it such a rage. Well, concerning Medusa piercing, it is definitely its versatility.

No matter what kind of jewelry you pin onto the piercing, it will kick your style game up a notch. Yes, we understand you are already excited to just go and get it done. But before you say ‘yes’ to it, it’s important to learn what the pros and cons of philtrum piercing are. For that, read on here-

Pros And Cons Of Philtrum Piercing


  • Philtrum piercing helps you highlight your facial features. Hence, if you have got beautiful lips, you can get this piercing done to attract people’s attention towards them.
  • This type of piercing features a great deal of symmetry. It simply infuses that much-needed essence of balance into your facial elements. Interestingly, you don’t get this balance with a piercing done on the side of your lips.
  • It is easily visible, unlike tongue piercings. So, if you’re someone who loves flaunting their piercings, then right away contact your favorite body art salon for a philtrum piercing.
  • When done singly on the face, it can help you pull off a feminine look. And with a couple of other face piercings, it can offer you a rugged, gypsy look.


  • The area of the face where this piercing is done has got a lot of nerve endings. And that is why this piercing hurts more than other routine piercings.
  • The superior labial artery runs a little above the upper lip. So, a piercing done recklessly could injure this artery.
  • The metal jewelry that you wear comes with a back disc, which might constantly rub against your teeth and gums, causing discomfort. However, this risk can be minimized by using plastic labret studs instead of metal ones.
  • You need to be extra careful while putting on tight neck t-shirts and other similar clothing items to avoid disturbing the piercing.

The Procedure

First of all, you need to look for a reputable piercing parlor for reliable service. Make sure the piercing expert who handles you is also highly skilled and experienced. For that, you might need a reference. So, don’t hesitate to talk to people who have already got a philtrum piercing done. Ask them for recommendations. Alternatively, you can read reviews of piercing shops online to zero in on the right service provider.

Once this is done, you need to make an appointment and show up at the shortlisted clinic on the date scheduled. Here you meet your piercer, whom you must tell about your doubts and apprehensions. They will attend to you patiently and then proceed. Note that a good piercer maintains high levels of hygiene and undertakes the procedure with clean gloves on. First, they clean the area right above your lips with alcohol. They might also ask you to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic oral solution.

After that, they mark the exact point where you want your piercing done. While they do so, they make sure you are satisfied with the marking. Now, they hold the upper lip with a clamp and using a thin hollow needle, pierce the marked area carefully. The piercing is generally followed by pinning a piece of basic barbell jewelry on to the pierced skin. The first barbell used is generally longer than the routine ones so that it doesn’t make swellings more painful or uncomfortable. Once the barbell has been tucked onto the skin, the procedure can be considered complete.

How Much Does Philtrum Piercing Cost?

The prices vary greatly based on a multitude of factors. Still, if you want an average range, it is between $40 and $80. Philtrum piercings are not easy to do. The exact location where this piercing is done has a lot of nerve endings surrounding it. And that is why such piercings are risky and highly likely to get bacterial infections. It is for this reason that you should not compromise on the quality of your piercer, even if that means shelling out a little extra cash.

How Much Does Philtrum Piercing Hurt?

Well, different people experience this pain differently based on their pain threshold. However, people with thick lips are likely to get hurt more. Also, if you are a man, philtrum piercing would be a more painful experience for you as compared to a woman. Wondering why? Because repeated shaving makes the facial muscles tougher and harder to pierce through.

Even brass and woodwind instrument players are likely to go through a more uncomfortable piercing procedure. This is because the sphincter muscles around the mouth receive constant exercise when they play such instruments. As a result, these muscles become hard to poke holes through. So, when pierced, they hurt more than usual.

But then if none of the above applies to you, you are going to feel only a little pain, as the procedure involves a single puncture that takes just a couple of seconds.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

The average time required for the total healing of a philtrum piercing wound is around 6 to 12 weeks. However, to get the jewelry downsized, you might have to wait for at least six months. Why six months? Because that is the amount of time internal tissues need for complete healing. Now let’s talk about a few tips on how to heal faster and better-

  • Don’t touch your piercing with dirty hands; always wash them with soap before touching the pierced area.
  • There might be crusting around the piercing. To remove it, just soak a cotton ball in warm water and wipe the crust with it.
  • Cleaning solutions should be applied only upon being instructed by your piercing expert to do so.
  • Don’t eat or drink carelessly, if you want to avoid hurting the pierced area.
  • Don’t apply any makeup on or around the cupid’s bow.
  • Avoid smoking while your wound is healing.

Philtrum Piercing After Care

  • After every meal, practice rinsing your mouth with mouthwash for about 30 to 60 seconds. And this should continue throughout the healing period. But then don’t repeat it for more than 4 times a day.
  • It’s alright to have a little bit of localized swelling after the piercing has been done. To keep it at a minimum, you can sip on ice-cold water, especially during the first 48 hours of the piercing. Note that it’s also normal to have a little bit of bruising, tenderness, bleeding, or discoloration around the pierced area. Thankfully, these symptoms only last for a week or two. In case, you want to get rid of them faster, then stop taking caffeine, alcohol, or Aspirin for some time.
  • If you are worried about your swollen lip, then you can use an anti-inflammatory product to reduce not just the swelling but also any kind of associated discomfort.
  • Practice sleeping with your head kept at an elevated position. This will keep the swelling from aggravating.
  • After the inflammation has subsided, go for shorter style jewelry so that no irritation is caused to your gums and teeth.

Philtrum Piercing Risks

  • The most common risk associated with philtrum piercing is an infection. If you want to avoid a bad one, then maintain standard oral hygiene and take good care of the pierced area, throughout the healing process.
  • Inflammation is a nagging problem that people with philtrum piercing unfailingly experience. Swelling, redness, tenderness, and pain are some of the symptoms that point at a bad inflammation.
  • Receding gums too could result from a philtrum piercing. This again results from friction that takes place between the jewelry and the gums.
  • This piercing might also leave a scar that appears outright unsightly.
  • Teeth erosion is another risk. This happens because the back of the piercing jewelry is constantly in touch with the teeth. To reduce this risk, use a piece of non-metallic jewelry or visit the dentist’s clinic frequently.


Your overall experience with your philtrum piercing will depend on how well your wound heals. And that is why it is important to be extra careful when the healing takes place. For proper healing, your body must get a lot of rest. Keep your stress levels at a minimum and take a nutritious diet.

And don’t forget your dose of multivitamins. This is to make sure any deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals in the body can be timely supplemented with. But for faster healing, your multivitamin needs to have good doses of zinc and calcium- two minerals that efficiently aid healing.

Remember, your body is unique! So, it will take its own time to heal. Just don’t make haste. And with proper care and patience, you will have a lifetime of pleasure from your piercing.