Orbital Piercing – An Expert Guide For Complete Facts!

If you are a piercing enthusiast, this mind-boggling idea of orbital piercing is going to stun you. But some anxiety is obvious no matter how excited you are. Unlike the lobe piercing, this one is quite tricky in terms of healing and aftercare. This guide can enable you to understand the risks associated and the ways to get through all for a diamond-studded orbital piercing.

A comprehensive study on orbital piercing about its cost and tips to proper healing can assure you that you are not going wrong. It is a subtle and extremely sophisticated type of piercing that adds a whacky style to your personality. If you are bored with regular ear jewelry placement, this versatile option would surely help you with funky variation to your look. The human ear’s structure is very complicated the orbital piercing styles add an amazing oomph factor to it. By now, you must be high on nerves to know more about this impeccable piercing styles. Let’s binge into its details.

Orbital Piercing- An Expert Guide For Complete Facts!

What Is An Orbital Piercing?

Under orbital piercing, a single hoop is made anywhere in the ear to connect between two piercings. You can wear exquisite orbital jewelry through these hoops. There are a few certain places where such piercings are done like the antihelical fold, Scapa, or the conch. The orbit of the ear is a critical place so it needs proper aftercare and healing time is also quite long. Nevertheless, if you are planning a change to your look, believe its worth it.

This is a type of cartilage piercing. Such piercing almost takes a few months to heal completely. Cartilage is the tissue that is softer than the bone and hardens than the skin. It is a shaping element of our nose and ears. The healing process with cartilage piercing is slow as it does not hold a lot of blood vessels like the usual skin tissues. As a result, you might have to go through a considerable amount of pain for quite some time. Although these are the facts, if this piercing is done correctly; you would be left with a new distinct piercing style. So now let’s move to its procedure.

The Procedure

Like all other piercing, even the orbital piercing is done after following proper steps. Getting a catch on them would give you a brief on its process.

  • Your piercer would sterilize the spot that needs to be pierced and mark the jewelry insertion points.
  • You would be shown the points to confirm the exact place. Now when you are pretty fine with the spot, the next step would include injecting the hollow needle at the bang on points following the jewelry movement.
  • Once it’s done, the whole area would be cleaned up appropriately and you can verify that.
  • You can either get a single side pierced or even both at one shot. It is your choice and also depends on the kind of stuff you wish to flaunt.
  • If there is an already existing single piercing and you want to add up a new one, a complete orbital piercing would be carried out.

How Much Does Orbital Piercing Cost?

The cost of orbital piercing is largely dependent on the piercer with whom you are going to work. If you hire an expert professional for this purpose, you are sure to spend few bucks extra but it would be a great deal as major risks are related to the procedure in which the piercing is done. Orbital piercing always falls costlier in comparison to cartilage piercing as there are two piercings involved in the action. When searched extensively, you might some cheaper options but ask yourself how reliable they are? An average orbital piercing may cost you somewhere around $50 to $80 in the United States while 40 to 70 Euros in European nations.

How Much Does Orbital Piercing Hurt?

As mentioned earlier, orbital piercing is done on the connective tissues and not the skin. Hence, it is quite painful in comparison to the lobe or cartilage piercing. The amount of pressure that is given on the hollow needle to pierce the ear tissue is of 4 pain level when you consider the scale of 1 to 10. This measurement is enough to understand that it can be an immensely painful experience.

Although with apt aftercare and healing methods you could recover, still it would take some time. If the initial pain is unbearable, you can also switch to painkillers to get some immediate relief. But this is not going to help for a long time. Such painkillers are only efficient in the suppression of pain but the ultimate healing process would matter much more.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

Healing is the most crucial part of a successful orbital piercing. If proper precautions are not followed, it can end up in some kind of infection. To ensure a hassle-free orbital piercing experience and try trendy jewel pieces on it, later on, it is first of all important to take its care.

Healing up of such cartilage piercings like the usual orbital or helix orbital piercing can take some time. You need to stay alert for almost 5 months to ensure that the piercing set inappropriately.

  • Applying some aftercare lotions or natural ointment can help to heal the wounds.
  • It is important that you do not touch the ears as it might cause immediate irritation.
  • Sterilization of that part is also essential to make sure that it stays clean and hygienic.
  • Note that no cheap products are advisable as they might ruin all the efforts taken up by you. Right from jewelry to lotions, everything must be simply perfect.

Only a handful of tips would keep you away from all the negative aspects relevant to orbital piercing and you can stay carefree.

Orbital Piercing After Care

To shine like a star after that orbital piercing, certain aftercare of the respective area is extremely important.

  • Wipe the piercing area with warm and saline water for at least three times a day.
  • Do not touch the pierced portion with your hands.
  • Use a dry towel to clean the area where the orbital piercing is done. Do not rub it over that part or you might face inconvenience or pain in it.
  • Special attention to be given amid sleeping hours. If at all, you scratched that portion roughly; there are very high chances of severe complications.
  • When the healing process is on the go, avoid getting into any pools or beaches as the contaminated water might lead to further problems.
  • It is still very sensitive and does not try to fiddle it unreasonably.
  • Any spirit agent must not be applied to that area.
  • Remove or change the jewelry only after the orbital piercing has undergone a complete healing process.

Even after following the above-given home remedies, you feel any type of sharp pain or discomfort in your ears, immediately consult your nearest health care expert. No risk of situation worsening can be taken at any cost.

Orbital Piercing Risks

Risks are a part of every procedure you go through and orbital piercing is no exception to this. You are prone to high ear infection even if a small mistake is made by you. As per the reports, almost 30% of the cartilage piercings are exposed to infections. Orbital piercing is done on both sides is certainly at high risk. The only thing you can practice is to be aware of the risks associated with it.

Infections can also be of various levels and fixing them at the initial stages is the right thing to do. In case of any critical complication, your investment and health both are in danger. Many people are unaware of the severity of untreated piercing infections. They might also lead to permanent ear damage that is tricky to fix up.

Apart from these infections, there are not many risks associated with orbital piercing.


Now you are well-equipped about the complete information and facts related to orbital piercing. Anything done with good care is never harmful. Also, remember you are not the only one getting this styling done as there are many people crazy over such piercings. To put it better, it has been one of the coolest trends of the century.

Proper care and a good piercer is all your need to portray a new side of yourself. It is your inner contentment that shows in the way you like to dress or style your accessories. Having a few pairs of stylish studs from a reputed brand can accentuate your piercing. All the money you spend and all the care you have taken would be worth it when people are glancing at you out of curiosity and wondering if they could look so trendy! Be careful and you can enjoy the complete style and fun of study jewel chunks with well done and maintained orbital piercing. Just shine out and portray your glam quotient to the world without any worries.