Ashley Piercing-One Stop Destination For Complete Guide!

Body piercing thoughts run down a wave of mixed emotions down your spine! Isn’t it? It can be an exciting option for some while others might find it intimidating and scary. Trending from centuries, it is now given a trendy touch with fashion fables. Ashley piercing with a shiny stud on the lower lip is the latest town talk that makes women crazy for a hippie makeover.

Ashley Piercing-One Stop Destination For Complete Guide!

What Is An Ashley Piercing?

Ashley piercing stands amongst the most popular lip piercing that marks a single puncture at the center of your lower lip. It penetrates at that point and exits through the back portion of the lip inside the mouth. To accentuate this glam pierce, labret stud or diamond-studded gemstone would be a perfect setting.

Getting this form of piercing fascinates and excites most women! Although, there are even a few men who like to get along with this experimentation. Before taking any decisive action, it is crucial to know in and out of this piercing technique. Let’s hammer the pros and cons relevant to Ashley Piercing.

Ashley Piercing Pros And Cons-


  • It is a great choice for the minimalist who does want to overdo with multiple piercings.
  • If you are fanatical about the mesmerizing shape and appeal of your lips, this piercing would highlight the feature extraordinarily.
  • Styling with the latest trends adds to your fan following and Ashley piercing would spike up this list.


  • Spot of piercing can be a crucial aspect as it is done on the lower lip that means the jewel piece could collide with the teeth and the gums. Hence, it might to bruising of gums off late.
  • Surrounding the piercing spot, a dark scar could develop, and overlapping it with a darker shade of lip gloss might be the only option.
  • Due to the sensitive spot, chances of swelling is higher as compared to other forms of piercing.


Understanding the process of Ashley piercing would redefine the facts and you get a clear thought of this modification process. As it is an intrusive piercing procedure, all tools, and jewel chunks to be used undergo in-depth sterilization. Once cleaning is done, mouth and lip sterilization is the next step. Thorough clean-up is essential as it is a sensitive area with maximum bacterial activities. Water or a disinfectant solution is helpful to ensure that no infection can hit the piercing area. Once you are through the initial cleaning, they would proceed with the latter part.

Piercer would now mark the exit and entry spot with a surgical pen than encompasses the needle in it. Just like the dentists, they place a tool at the lower lip to affix the positioning. Now the Ashley piercing is instantly done to reduce the pain effect. With the completion of this, a chunky jewel stud is inserted with immediate effect. You are ready to flaunt your new look with eminence!

It is also important to hire a good piercer as it is going to retain for a lifetime. A professional in this arena would assure a smooth and well-done piercing to the spot. An online review of his certification and reputation might help you to make the right choice.

How Much Does Ashley Piercing Cost?

Ashley piercing covers the sensitive low lip area and a good professional is thus essential. Depending on the expertise of the piercer, you can pick the right professional for this purpose. If you are getting this procedure in the United States, it might cost somewhere $40 to $55. While in the United Kingdom, it can cost 25 to 60 pounds and 30 to 55 euros in Europe.

Now talking about the jewelry for Ashley piercing, it is important to ensure that you are buying a piece made up of real gold or silver. These metals reduce the chances of any kind of infection. You can also hunt online to grab some striking studs and gemstones.

How Much Does Ashley Piercing Hurt?

Ashley piercing is well-known for its excruciating pain during the process. As the lip area is sensitive, there is high proximity of pain and swelling in that part. Lips comprise of several tender nerves that accelerates blood circulation. When the pierce hits at the right point, it can stimulate them leading to a lot of pain for seconds.

Amongst all other kinds of piercing, Ashley piercing is highly exposed to infection problems. This area is in constant touch with food, saliva, makeup, and other outside stuff that enters your mouth. Such objects are bacteria infused and can instantly react with the newly done piercing. It is therefore considered to keep a check on any symptoms like redness, white discharge, or swelling. Consult your doctor if you find that the pain is unbearable.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

Ashley piercing can cause open wounds that can heal with proper care. The average healing time for such lip piercing is around 3 to 4 months. There are a few tips that you must keep in mind for quick and effective recovery.

  • Ensure proper oral hygiene with regular cleaning and avoid contact with clothes, things, and hands.
  • Make a daily ritual to soak the wound at least twice a day with saline water.
  • Every time you dry the wound, try using disposable paper products because the cloth towels might snag the jewelry leading to injuries.
  • Avoid consumption of beverages or foods that are highly acidic for a couple of days.
  • Although you might find it fascinating but avoid touching the jewelry area or playing with the stud.
  • Healing of wounds would take time and buying some piercing aftercare sprays can be a great idea. It boosts the healing process and prevents any further infection.

Ashley Piercing After Care

  • To ensure proper aftercare after Ashley piercing, avoid usage of alcohol for cleaning the pierced area. This might cause a lot of irritation and redness on your lips.
  • Besides, avoid jumping off to common swimming pools as unknown bacteria might attack the wound.
  • Many people make the blunder of using face products on the lip area. This can be very hazardous.
  • Do not think of jewelry change until the complete healing of the pierced spot is assured.
  • Oral contacts with any person or things are a big no for at least a month.

Ashley Piercing Risks

Along with the aftercare and healing tips, breezing on the Ashley piercing risks is also an important factor. Understand the fact that not every individual is the same. Hence, some might very casually enjoy this new transformation while others might quit with this accessory midway. It also depends on the kind of jewelry you select.

Just to save some bugs, do not compromise on the quality of labret stud. A good piece would sustain for long without causing any kind of infection or complications. You can opt for gold, surgical steel, silver, or diamond as your first lip accessory. Carry out thorough online research to figure out the best alternative that suits your lips. You might end up with some super glamorous alternatives that are trendy and do not burn holes in your budget.

Infection is a major risk associated with Ashley piercing or any other facial piercings. Opting a bigger jewel stud stretches the skin and can leave a bad scar after its removal. Hence, undergoing proper aftercare and cleaning processes is important. Several creams and aftercare solutions accessible in the market can revive the damages done to your beautiful lips.

The next up risk relevant to Ashley piercing is teeth and gum complications. If the jewelry pieces keep touching your teeth and gums, you might suffer the side effects like gum erosion or maybe tooth scrambling. Finding a perfect spot for piercing procedure is therefore an art that can be possible only with a professional. You have to be extremely diligent with the selection of piercer and jewelry to ignore all risks related to it. Even if then you are suffering any type of complications, the best way out is to consult your doctor without any delay.


Ashley piercing can be addictive especially when you watch other women looking gorgeous with that shiny dot over their lips. Classy and finely designed gemstones can have a great impact on the adorning of your beautiful lips. You can own the crowd with this stunning look that embellishes the features vividly. Dainty labret studs give some cute aesthetics to your look.

If at all, you are sensitive to any procedures, it is better to skip this type of piercing. People with weak enamel or oral problems might also be unable to sustain this kind of piercing. If you are not into any of these problem sets, go ahead and accentuate your oral looks with Ashley piercing which enhances the dimensions of your lips magnificently. It is ultimately your call to decide whether to opt for this not. But this is one thing you would enjoy and cherish each day and with every outfit. After all, it’s all about the feel-good factor that magnifies your happiness, and Ashley piercing is a small way to it!