Septril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know!

Humans! Well, we never fail to amuse. You often see males and females getting involved in the piercing activity. While it is a common practice but to pierce your body parts uniquely, it can be considered an art. Talking about the history of piercing, it goes back 4000 years. As per the written records, it was first found in the Middle East region. Many written records showcase how women used to embrace nose piercing back in the day, and eventually, it became a traditional element in many countries, including India.

A similar culture was noticed in Australian regions where aboriginal people were witnessed spotting piercing in nasal septums. Today, nose piercing is considered one of the main accessories in Asian countries, but it is also a comprehensive part of many European and American regions. Many people are seen sporting the nose ring, be it young or old. In western culture, spotting a nose ring may be considered rebellious, while in Indian, it is more traditional and connected back to the biological benefits.

It will not be wrong to say that this practice has become more acceptable over the years. It is not restricted to home-bound people; in fact, the professionals are also opting for it. Psychology says that if you are going for piercing, it speaks a lot about your personality. Mostly individuals who believe that they can not be tamed or domesticated by society get into such actions. It is often considered as a way of expression. The definition or say the location of piercing has changed tremendously. From a simple nostril piercing, today, you see people getting their eyebrows, cheeks, or even lips pierced.

Have you seen people getting their nose bridge or cheeks pierced or butt cheeks pierced or say opting for spikes on spinal? These are among the most distinctive ways we have found people getting pierced with. To join the wagon is Septril Piercing. Get your Septum stretched and add the piece of jewelry at the tip of your nose. That must be painful.

Septril Piercing: The Complete Experience Guide

Read on to know more about it.

What Is A Septril Piercing?

It is a piercing activity that goes through the Nasal Septum. It covers the area called “columella.”

Ideally, the piercing should go through cartilage (and it will be painful) —the area between the bottom of the nose and the cartilage. Overall, it is a complex process in which you stretch the Septum into a higher gauge and pierce it down to the nose’s tip.

Well, it is a long process. It requires a lot of patience both ways- to complete the process and to get it completed.

Commonly known as Jungle piercing or the nose tip piercing, it is a quirky way to get decked up.

Septril Piercing involves a lot of planning and discussion as your Septum has to be kept safe and sane while stretching.

Important point: This is also dependent on the structure of your nose. For Septril Piercing, a broad nose structure is much preferred as it is comparatively easier to execute.

Before you make a decision to get pierced, consider some of the common pros and cons involved in this.

It is an unexpected and rare piercing, and it will make you look different, making you stand out from the rest. The placement of jewelry, in this case, is often considered cool and special. However, the process of getting it may get really painful, taxing, and elongated. And, it is undoubtedly expensive as it includes multiple sittings (over the year/s).

The Procedure

You don’t call Septril Piercing unique for no reason.

Any regular piercing will start with a thin needle and then getting thicker- the usual earlobe piercing case. The decimeter of the needle for an ear lobe can be between 18-20 gauge (the measuring unit). However, this also depends on the flexibility of the skin.

In the case of Septum piercing, the needle diameter will be between 14-16 gauge. To extend for Septril piercing, the Septum will have to be stretched continuously over the period of time.

To do this process safely, it may take a minimum of 18 months to complete the process and finally do the piercing. However, this process may differ from person to person.


In case the piercing doesn’t work out well, it can only be corrected through surgery, as this area is a mix of skin and cartilage.

Once the stretching process has completed, the piercer – your go-to person- will set the piercing tongs to grip your nose, and then the piercing needle will be put into your Septum, passing it through the stretched part and resulting in coming out from the tip.

Yes, the process is long, unique, and demands patience.

How Much Does Septril Piercing Cost?

This kind of piercing is costly, owing to the multiple seatings it requires over the period. The piercing cost and jewelry cost will be separate in any case.

To understand this further, the base amount or say the consultation charges are different in all regions.

In the US, it may cost between $50-80, and in the UK cost will be around £30-60, followed by €40-70 in Europe. Do note that the jewelry cost and stretching cost will be separate from whatever the base amount is finalized.

That’s why it is called a costly affair.

How Much Does Septril Piercing Hurt?

Talking about the pain, it is subjective to answer. We have seen people crying in pain when an ear lobe is pierced, and on another side, we have people who love to get pierced and sometimes don’t even stop.

From a regular human perspective, the pain will increase as the gauge goes higher.

In the case of Septril Piercing, the entire process takes time and is painful.

It won’t be wrong to say that Septril Piercing SHOULD NOT be your first piercing experience.

Also, note that once the process starts, your nose will be in pain for a good amount of days. Since it is a continuous process, healing will begin eventually.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

Septril Piercing takes a long time to heal. While it will be an easy process, but the duration will be longer. It won’t be wrong to take at least 9-12 months in hand to consider the complete healing of Septril. Some hands-on tips for you to keep in mind while the healing is in the process:

  • Do not touch the piercing part
  • Even if you have to feel, do it with clean hands
  • Wash the piercing with saline solution. Do not use any solution which contains alcohol or chlorine.
  • Clean it twice a day
  • Be gentle with your piercing

Also, follow the steps as guided by your piercer. He/She would know it better as the Septum condition differs from case to case.

Septril Piercing Risks

Considering the nature of Septril Piercing, there are many reasons to develop the risk while opting for it.

As the process involves piercing the cartilage, there can be chances of developing an infection.

Considering it takes much longer time to stretch, the chances of infection are higher. Due to the continuous healing process, your body may feel weak and impact your immune system.

In case you are immunocompromised, you should talk to your doctor before starting the process of piercing as the healing is crucial.

One can also experience issues with Blow Out. Honestly, saying you will have to relearn the process. Initially, it will be irritating and may cause much pain resulting in further complications.

There are chances of developing a metal allergy as well. In this case, we recommend you go for titanium, gold, or surgical stainless steel jewelry. In any case, one should avoid silver and nickel broadly. It is suggested to avoid anything which may cause allergy to you.

The Septum can never get back to normal shape, in case the Septril Piercing is removed. You would need to undergo surgery to patch up the Septum.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you think properly and then decide to take it as it is not a usual one.


It has been seen that piercing was not an easily acceptable phenomenon in western culture earlier. Nonetheless, it has crossed many eras, generations, and continents; today, piercing is considered as a fashion statement overall. It is almost impossible to ignore someone who spots a nose ring. We believe that body piercing is an extremely special step for anyone. People often connect emotions to it and take it as a milestone to embrace.

It highlights their personality and their urge to move on or be different from the rest. And talking about the Septril Piercing, one cannot ignore it. Getting the septum piercing is absolutely personal and up to an individual’s choice. However, we don’t recommend this to any beginner. If someone is opting for Septril piercing, then he or she needs to be sure of the decision as it is an intense and arduous process. Once you have decided to get it, then there should be no looking back.