Frenulum Piercing – A Complete Expert Guide!

Body piercing is a popular craze globally! Frenulum Piercing or web piercing is non-visible oral piercing but people consider it a great style statement. If you wish to get that chic-look or be a hot stud, know more about Frenulum piercing to embellish a distinct spark in your personality.

Frenulum Piercing – The Complete Experience Guide!

What is a Frenulum Piercing?

It is crucial to know what Frenulum is. A fine line of tissues connecting your gums and tongue is the frenulum. Another frenulum connects your gums and upper or lower lip. Most people don’t even realize the existence of this body part. But the weird contradiction is piercing of it is international vogue. Three types of Frenulum Piercing it in trend including tongue piercing, smiley, and frowny piercing.

A tongue piercing is the one done to the frenulum connecting your gums and tongue.

Smiley frenulum piercing refers to the one between the upper lip and gums.

Frowny piercing is done between the lower lip and gums.

All these distinct piercing types accentuate your style and known as web piercing.

Pros And Cons of Frenulum Piercing

Are you thinking of getting a trendy frenulum piercing done? If yes, first sneak out on its pros and cons. It might help you to get concrete on your decision.


  • To your wonder, this is one kind of piercing that hurts the least. The healing mechanism of it is faster in comparison with other piercing forms. Proper aftercare is essential so that it can last long.
  • The frenulum is a set of tissues and refrains from higher blood vessels. Hence, you are about to experience lesser bleeding after the procedure.
  • You can either opt for a prominent piercing or the one that can be unseen.
  • Many fashionable jewelry alternatives are also accessible in the market.


  • Several risks can also occur if at all you did not take proper care. There are chances that the piercing studs may lead to some skin allergy or irritations. It is dependent on the sensitivity of one’s skin.
  • To get frenulum piercing done, just to check whether the frenulum tissue can hold the jewelry. If you have a very thin layer, it is better to chuck the idea.
  • Some people also came up with the issue of swelling in the tongue or redness.
  • Some people get permanently comfortable with this form of piercing while others are done within a few months or years.

Frenulum Piercing Procedure

You need to get knowledge about the procedure through which frenulum piercing is done. It is very important to scrutinize if your frenulum is strong enough to carry out the process. Also, it is essential to check if you can carry the jewelry without discomfort.

After the basic checklist is complete, the actual procedure for frenulum piercing starts up. The first thing is to clean your mouth using a good non-bacterial mouthwash. Next step to fix the frenulum tissues with the help of a hollow needle. It is important to get it done with the help of a professional so that any kind of negligence is omitted. Proper needle positioning and instant perforation pattern are essential.

Now pick nice stylish jewelry to pierce with. With this, the procedure for frenulum piercing completes up. However, is the process is smoothly done does not mean you won’t face problems. Proper aftercare can only assure that your piercing stays healthy and for a longer period.

How Much Does Frenulum Piercing Cost?

Although the costing of this piercing varies from one place to another. The average price for one time pierce can range somewhere between $30 to $90. But getting it with the help of an expert will ensure you do not face any severe irritation or wounds.

In several parts of Europe, an average piercing may range around 25 to 70 euros.

How Much Does Frenulum Piercing Hurt?

Frenulum piercing involves process on very thin tissue lining and this is the reason why many people feel it won’t hurt. But this is not the fact. Many people experience a certain level of discomfort or pain after this piercing.

It is not measurable how much can you get hurt after this piercing. Everyone’s body reacts in an entirely different manner. Few people can react high to such pain while others may have hardly any after-effects. The size of the jewelry also matters as a heavier stud might pain more comparatively.

Some usual swelling is quite normal after the Frenulum piercing. But if you face any severe pain or gum bleeding, it is vital to ask for medical help right away. Or there are chances it might get even worse.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

With a note of a few important things, you can get early healing for the frenulum piercing done by you. Consider the important points stated below:

  • Having alcohol or intake of spiced food is a strict no.
  • Over care is also sometimes harmful. Excessive rubbing or cleaning of the piercing area might also increase your pain or discomfort.
  • Many people have this habit of moving the piercing stud with their tongue. Doing this might lead to scratching of the place and bleeding might start again.
  • For the first few days, your mouth should not get into physical contact with anyone for any reason. This might increase the probability of skin irritation.
  • Sharing food or beverages is not a very good idea immediately after the piercing is done.
  • If you find that the frenulum is unable to move, you must remove the jewelry immediately.
  • Smoking or having cold drinks might lead to swelling problems.
  • After you have just got the piercing done, it is important to give your mouth rest for some initial days. This will allow the new change to settle down and you can then proceed.

Frenulum Piercing After Care

Web piercing is not a very critical thing to deal with. You can manage to get through it with some basic hygiene rules. Aftercare is important for any new change to settle in your body. And if it’s in your mouth, some extra steps can help you to hack its pain and get used to it.

Maintaining oral hygiene is the thumb rule for frenulum piercing. Use a good anti-bacterial solution suggested by your expert to rinse mouth after every 2 to 3 hours. If you are indulging in a smiley or frowny piercing, it is also imperative to protect the new pierce from teeth. A normal saline rinse can also work well in that case. You can also get the rinses available specifically for oral piercing from the market. You can ask your expert for it or search online to get some good options for it.

Take care of your eating habits. If you wish to escalate all hitches of piercing, it is always advisable to eat food that does not get stuck in your mouth. Initial days after wearing frenulum jewelry might be grim as you are not used to it. Once you develop habits of eating or drinking anything with it, it may not be a problem. Choose warm and softer foods initially to soothe the illness and pain.

Do not make the mistake of playing with the jewelry. It might happen unconsciously as that area is sensitive. But ensuring that you do move it often can be a good aftercare rule.

Frenulum Piercing Risks

Frenulum piercing is done in the mouth and it is a very sensitive area. If the piercing process is not done with an apt technique, there are chances that you might get prone to some severe and critical side effects. Certain very common hazards that might occur to some people due to piercing are as follows:

  • Frenulum jewelry may indulge in increasing other skin issues and that can cause damage to your piercing.
  • Salivary glands are located near the frenulum area. If the placement of piercing deviates from its right place, you might end up in gum bleeding or itchiness and scratches in the gums.
  • The mouth is one place where bacteria keep entering through various mediums such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or oral contact. The regularity of such activities may result in trapping of the piercing area to multiple bacterial infections.
  • When you wear piercing jewelry for the first time, it is crucial to observe that the frenulum surface is away from it. If the jewelry scratches the surface and tearing it up, you could start bleeding due to frenulum infection.
  • It is an important alert for you is any yellow liquid comes out from the pierced hole or there is painful swelling on it.


Any kind of body modification or beautifying techniques is always a wonderful change. But it mustn’t affect your health by any means. It is your body instincts that make you aware of the accommodation with the new experiments. If you feel that frenulum piercing is an idea that allures you and you wish to own this change, go ahead but with the note of the above details.